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Raster maps

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Hello everybody!

This article is about one of the general OsmAnd killer-feature - Online maps plugin. This Plugin allows us to enable and add other map sources for OsmAnd. All of these sources are raster maps.

Raster maps come from various sources and they complement OpenStreetMap data, and sometimes they are the only source. By combining map layers, you can get the best picture on your screen:

  • Android
  • iOS

The Plugin names Online maps. But when you use it in OsmAnd all data will be added to the cache for offline use, or you can download chosen area.

Always user can prepare and add their own Raster maps in SQlitedb format or add a new online raster map source.

Except our Raster map list there are any sources with Online maps for OsmAnd.


Project with a huge numerous of online map sources: AnyGis.


We said about this project earlier when we wrote about Vector map and Map styles. Here you can find the list of online maps for Europe.


Here you can find paid map data for fishing on the US and Cuban coasts.

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