OsmAnd 4.1 (iOS)

December 28, 2021

Hi, Everybody!

Great news for iOS OsmAnd users! We're glad to announce the new OsmAnd version for iOS. Update OsmAnd to check out all new features and let us know if you like them!

Promo image for OsmAnd Maps 4.1 release

This is a short list of many changes happened in 4.1 release:

Completely redesigned interaction with tracks

Completely redesigned interaction with tracks: a new menu with charts, statistics, ability to change the appearance, coloring by speed, height and slope, and track selection on the map.

Just click on chosen track on the map or open it by "My Places" menu to enable"Track context menu".

(Image not available offline) (Image not available offline) (Image not available offline)

New screen for searching by coordinates in different formats

We will add the new screen for coordinates search menu.

(Image not available offline)

Improved coordinate search in OLC format

Upgraded coordinates search in OLC format.

(Image not available offline)

New user-friendly menu for choosing languages to display Wikipedia articles on the map

Changed the Configure map menu for choosing languages for wiki articles.

(Image not available offline)

Added ability to easily load maps of all regions of the country with a couple of clicks

Now, you can download region maps of any country by the bundle.

(Image not available offline)

Added contour lines in feet (You need to re-download files)

We added contour lines maps in feet.

(Image not available offline)

Downloading maps by clicking to the map

Added ability to download maps by selecting the desired region or country on the map, as well as adding a dialog box with the suggestion to load the map if the region is viewed without a map.

(Image not available offline) (Image not available offline)

New appearance of buttons on the map and added ability to change map zoom by double-tapping and swiping

New buttons and new gestures on the general screen.

(Image not available offline)

Route visibility control is moved to a higher level in the "Configure map" menu with the option of flexible settings

New routes menu in Configure map menu.

(Image not available offline)

And remember that only together we can achieve the best results!
New features are coming SOON!


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