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Android 4.5 (July 2023)

OsmAnd produces multiple Ready-To-Use builds every day, allowing you to track new features and participate in the OsmAnd contributions (translation process).

Join Beta

You can participate in testing the OsmAnd beta build through Google Play.

What's new

  • Added allowing to use Emoji in user point names.

  • Support themed icons (Android 13).

  • New Train profile, allows to calculate routes using railways.

  • Add option "Announce deviation from the route".

  • Start screen restore from file.

  • Improved "Tracks" menu in "Configure Map".

  • Context menu now displays localized names for POI.

  • Added option to share route by link.

  • Added "Nautical miles/feet" unit of length.

  • Map orientation added new fixed mode.

  • Simplified start screen.

  • Added "Speed/Slope" graph for track analysis.

  • App language selection moved to system settings on Android 13.

  • Added possibility to download online tiles used as "Overlay" or "Underlay" maps.

  • Added support of imperial measurement units for "Vehicle parameters".

  • New Moped profile.

  • "Display position" added new option "Automatic".

  • Bugs fixs:

    • Fixed OpenGL: animation, inscription.
    • Fixed Travel guides: points categories disappearation.
    • Fixed Weather download bugs.
    • Fix for Per-app language selection in Android 13.
    • Accessibility: fixed issue with map UI that was visible for screen readers on all screens.
    • Fixed map gestures for tilt, zoom and rotation.
    • Fixed location position in split screen mode in Android Auto.
    • Fixed issues with displaying Vegan places.