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Track on the map

Features Tracks functionality lets you create and save routes so you can easily return to them later or share them with others. A trip planning feature lets you customize your routes based on your preferences and interests. You also get access to preloaded routes to popular destinations and attractions.

  1. Main Features.
  • All tracks in OsmAnd are stored in the folder:
    Menu β†’ My Places β†’ Tracks.
  • The Tracks tab in the OsmAnd app provides a convenient way to manage and interact with your saved tracks. This feature allows you to record and save tracks completed during travel or outdoor activities.
  • A track on a map is Trip recording or Plan a route with or without marked points on it. OsmAnd track file is in GPX format.
  1. You can add or create tracks in OsmAnd in the following ways.
  1. Tracks management special features in OsmAnd.
  1. OsmAnd has no limit on the number of tracks to store and display.

  2. There are three options to display Tracks on the map.

Formats: OsmAnd uses GPX format for tracks and points.
Import: the app can import GPX, KML, KMZ formats of tracks and points.

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