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My data

OsmAnd allows to store and manage different map data like maps, points, tracks; personal data like settings of the application profile.

My Places​

'My Places' is a core place within OsmAnd application that allows you to manage all your personally owned information i.e. Favorite points, Tracks (imported, recorded and created GPX files), OpenStreetMap Edits, Audio / Video Notes (Android).


Favorites is the list of Favorites (user's points) in 'My Places' menu.


Short information about tracks and how to use them


Markers interface is a convenient tool that helps you save points on the map for your short-term needs.


Maps screen allows you to do basic operations over online and offline maps used in OsmAnd such as downloading, removing, renaming, clearing the cache for online maps, updating and checking maps size.

Profiles (Settings)​

Each profile is available for full customization. In fact, each profile can become a separate application for the needs of the user.

Global settings​

Common settings to all application profiles.

Import / Export​

Import / Export