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Our team and contributors

Victor Shcherb - Founder and CEO, Product Lead.
Alexey Kulish - Technical Lead (CTO), Senior Android/iOS developer.
Eugene Kizevich - Marketing Lead (CMO) and Front-end developer.
Dmytro Prodchenko - Product Lead (CPO), UI/UX designer.
Dr. Hardy Mueller- Map appearance concept and base renderers, international consistency and testing, usability, app scoping, concepts, documentation, wiki, market research.
Alexey Pelykh - C++ developer, created native library and made application much snappier.
Max (Zahnstocher) - Java contributor, active forum participant.
Leonid Barsukov - Software engineer, co-author of main OsmAnd rendering, author of UniRS, LightRS styles.
Pavlo Stetsenko - Senior iOS Developer, iOS Team lead.
Vitalii Holinko - Senior Android developer, Android Team Lead.
Nazar Kutz - Android developer.
Yevhenii Kochubenko - Android developer.
Dmitrii Skalii - iOS developer.
Dmytro Svitlychnyi - iOS developer.
Ivan Pyrohivskyi - Senior Java Backend Developer, Team leader Backend Team.
Kseniia Velychko - Java full stack Developer.
Dmitry Reva - Android and Java Backend developer.
Maxim Kojin - iOS developer.
Dmitry Naumov - OpenGL developer.
Aleksandr Andrewschenko - OpenGL developer.
Tatiana Rud - Marketing and ASO manager.
Anastasiia Husak - Support and HR manager.
Anatolii Tkachuk - Support and Manual QA.
Alexandra Foiht - Technical writer.
Dzmitry Aliaks - Technical writer.

Formerly active participants:

Denis (bars) - Java developer, worked mostly on new UI and usability.
Dusan Kazik - One of the first contributors.
Andre Van Atten - Project supporter, active forum participant, one of the first users.
Yvecai - Main contributor to Contour Lines and Hillshade maps.
Pavol Zibrita - First contributor and developer of some utilities.
Harry van der Wolf - Contributor (contribute to country boundaries + configuration file + address files and else), active forum participant.
Denis Kolomiets - Android and Backend developer.
Yurii Mazurevych - Android developer, all parts of application.
Alexander Sytnyk - Android developer, all parts of application.