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Map buttons

Map buttons such as Zoom buttons, Search, Direction, Compass, My Location and Menu represent main controls on the map.

My Location & Zoom​

Configure screen menu

My location & zoom buttons control the map display. You can read more in Interact with map article.


Directions button allows

Directions button allows to build a route and start navigation. In navigation mode this button is not visible by default and it appears after a short tap on the map.

Directions button has 3 different indicative states:

  • Default grey icon - the route has not been built yet. A dialog to build a new route will appear by click.
  • Default blue icon - the route is built, but navigation has not started yet. A dialog with route information will appear by click.
  • Blue arrow icon - the route is built and navigation has started. A dialog with route information will appear by click.

Configure Map​

Configure Map

Configure Map button allows to access to Configure Map menu. Icon on it indicates Current app profile.

Main menu button

Main menu button allows to access to all features of the application. In navigation mode this button is not visible by default. It appears after a short tap on the map.

Search button

Search button buttons provides quick access from the map to search capabilities.


Compass widget shows how the map is oriented on your device's screen. You can select three types of compass:

  • Fixed (north is up): Map exhibits no automatic rotation, the north direction aways points upwards. When manually rotating with a two fingers gesture, the widget's north direction changes accordingly. By tapping on the widget, the compass and the map return to the original orientation.
  • Movement direction: Map rotates by bearing, this is the direction of your movement by GPS, which is synchronized with the map. Read more
  • Compass direction: Map synchronizes with the compass on your device and the widget points to the actual north of the Earth. If your device does not have a compass sensor, the map orientation will not change.

Read more info here.

Go to: Menu β†’ Configure screen β†’ Buttons β†’ Compass

Compass widget Compass widget Compass widget

You can choose in the widget menu how the compass is displayed: Always visible, Always hidden, or Visible only if the map is rotated.

Compass widget