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Plan route

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The 'Plan route' tool is a powerful feature of OsmAnd allows you to measure distances on the map, create GPX tracks or add new segments to your own ones, to snap your track to the nearest available road with one of your navigation profiles. Of course, it works offline and available for Android and iOS versions of OsmAnd.

The route is many strings between points. Strings can be straight lines or routes of chosen navigation profiles. The sum of all these points and strings is a route, that can be saved, imported, or modified.

Plan route android Plan route ios

Opening 'Plan route'​

The 'Plan route' can be switched on:

  • Main menu
Android Menu β†’ Plan a route

iOS Menu β†’ Plan a route

Plan route android_menu Plan route ios_menu

  • Track context menu (Android)
Options β†’ Edit track or to click to Edit track on the context menu screen:

Plan route android_contextmenu

'Plan route'​

In the tool, you can create a new GPX route or open and modify the existing track. When you open 'Plan route' tool menu you find the next buttons:

  • Create new route - create a new GPX route.
  • Open existing track - open existing GPX track from OsmAnd track folder.
  • Import track - import GPX track from your device storage (Android).
  • Last edited - choose GPX track from last modified.

Plan route android_choosemenu Plan route ios_choosemenu

Main screen​

At the main screen of the tool there are the next elements:

Plan route android-screen Plan route ios-screen

1. 'Options' menu.

2. 'Add' button for shaping points.

3. Back/forward - move along planning process steps.

4. Points list and Graph (Android) list.

5. 'Profile' button for choosing application profile.

6. 'Done' button - finish and save GPX route.

7. Name of GPX route by default (Android).

8. 'Close' button - exit from the tool with saving GPX route or no saving.

9. Widgets (Android) - Configure map , Search, Compass.

10. Widgets (Android) - Informational widgets , Navigational widgets .

11. Widgets - My Location & Zoom.

Route line​

The Route line shows an automatically-generated road or straight route which you can save like a GPX track.

Plan route android-routeline Plan route ios-screen

1. Profile icon (Android). It's mean that this segment was built by this profile routing.

2. Shaping points - basic points building the route.

3. Calculated route segment between shaping points. Colors of your chosen application profiles (Android) or last chosen application profile (iOS).

4. Straight-line from last shaping point and target point.

'Points' list and Graph​

For opening 'Points' list and Graph:

1.Click to 'Points' list. (Android)

1.Click to the open icon Λ† on 'Points' list. (iOS)

Plan route android-pointslist Plan route ios-pointslist

Description: Each point has information about distance and azimuth for a new making route, and additional altitude, and the speed information for recorded GPX track. In 'Points' list we can delete points (click to 'Delete' button near chosen point) or change the order of it (move a line of chosen point to up or below). Clicking to a point opens 'Point' menu.

2.Click to "Graph" button. (Android)

Plan route android-graph

Description: Click to graph shows information about point and its location on the route. View of the graph of a route with Overview, Altitude, Slope, Road type, Surface, Steepness.

Creating a route​

Start creating a route:

Android Menu β†’ Plan a route β†’ Create new route

iOS Menu β†’ Plan a route β†’ Create new route

Drawing a line​

Choose how to draw:

  • By default straight line - only plain line stretches between shaping points:

Plan route straight_line

The straight line is useful for simple distance measurement, azimuth info or for areas not covered by routing data (off-road and off-path areas).

  • Click to 'Add' button for adding shaping points or just click on the screen.

Note: Overview data available only on roads, calculate a route using "Route between points” to see graphs.

Drawing a route​

  • Click on 'Profile' button for choosing an application profile. The route will be calculated between points by routing of your profile.
  • Click to 'Add' button for adding shaping points or just click on the screen.

Plan route app_button

For Android we can modify routing parameters for chosen app profile by clicking to settings icon icon-settings on 'Profile' button:


  • Choose two or more application profiles for creating a route. Click to 'Profile' button:

    Plan route app_choosing

Choose how to connect the points, by a straight line, or calculate a route between them as specified:

Whole track - The whole track will be recalculated using the selected profile.Next segment - Only the next segment will be recalculated using the selected profile.
  • When you use two or more application profiles for your route:

for Android each segment has a profile icon and color of the application profile which using for calculated route between shaping points;

for iOS all segments have color of last using application profile for calculated route.

Actions of 'Point' menu​

Actions in 'Point' menu (by clicking to a point in 'Points' list):

1.Click to a point from 'Points' list:Open 'Point' menu
Actions in 'Point' menu:
1. Point infoShowed Number of point, Distance, Speed, Altitude of point.
2. Move PointMove map to change the position of this point.
3. [object Object]Move map to add points after a chosen point.
4. [object Object]Move map to add points before a chosen point.
5. Trim before this pointThe trim route before a chosen point.
6. Trim after this pointThe trim route after a chosen point.
7. [object Object]Split route before a chosen point.
8. [object Object]Split route after a chosen point.
9. Change route type before this pointChange route type (application profile) before a chosen point.
10. Change route type after this pointChange route type (application profile) after a chosen point.
11. Delete PointDelete chosen point from the route.

Saving a route​

Click to 'Done' button to save your route like the GPX file.

Plan route android-save

Find your track in 'My Places' menu:

Menu β†’ My Places β†’ Tracks

'Options' menu​

In 'Options' menu you can make the next actions with your route:

Plan route android-options Plan route ios-options

1. Route between pointsShowing chosen application profile (The straight line by default). Click to this action is equal 'Profile' button with opening application profile menu.
2. Add a new segment or [object Object]Drawing new segments of the route which not connect with the previous segment.
3. Save changesSave your route like GPX track and continue to create the next segment.
4. Save as new trackSave your route like GPX track.
5. Add to a trackAdd your route to a track from your track folder and save the new track.
6. DirectionsStart navigation from your position to the finish point using a drawn route.
7. Reverse routeChange the direction of a drawn route.
8. Clear allClear all shaping points.

Modify existing GPX track​

Modify GPX track​

'Plan route' tool allows modifying existing GPX track. You can make any actions with your tracks.

Open any GPX track for modifying it:

Android Menu β†’ Plan a route β†’ Open existing track β†’ Import track

iOS Menu β†’ Plan a route β†’ Open existing track

In 'Points' list, there is information about the number of points and a track distance.

Plan route modify-track-android Plan route modify-track-ios

You can make all actions with points in 'Points' list and 'Point' menu: delete, change order, move and etc.

For Graph (Android) you can see the actual information for a GPX track: Altitude, Slope, Speed.

In 'Options' menu is available all actions for GPX track too: add a new segment, reverse route, directions, etc.

Snap to roads​

For example, you have recorded tracks. 'Plan route' tool allows snapping your track to the nearest allowed road with one of your application profiles.

For using this option you need to open your track by 'Plan route' tool:

Android Menu β†’ Plan a route β†’ Open existing track or Import track

iOS Menu β†’ Plan a route β†’ Open existing track

Next, choose the needed application profile for snapping your track to the nearest road. For this, you need to click 'Profile' button or choose in 'Options' menu β†’ . For Android, you can set parameter.

After calculating the new route you click 'Done' button for saving the new GPX track which snapping to roads.

Plan route snap-road-android Plan route snap-road-ios

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