OsMo Plugin

OsMo Advanced Live Monitoring plugin is a live tracking service helping you share your location with friends. With this tool, you can watch the exact location of other devices in your group in real time.

To switch the plugin on, you need to go to Plugins - OsMo (OSM Monitoring) and choose Enable. Once the plugin is activated, you will see a new widget on the screen, which shows whether you are connected to the service.

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To view the location of other devices, you have to create a group or join one. To make a new one, just go to OsMo Groups/Devices in the main menu or tap the widget on the map screen. Then tap Create Group. You can add a description and other details in the pop-up dialogue.

There are many ways to invite other users to the group. Just enter the OsMo menu by tapping on the widget, check the box next to the group you choose, select Invite. Pick the invitation method you like best: Email, SMS, Clipboard (copies the link to the clipboard) or QR-code.

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After the users join the group, you'll see their names on the list of the group. Please note that the groups are made public. To go private, connect devices directly via the Tracker IDs. The groups are deleted automatically after 2 weeks of inactivity (or only 1 person activity). You can restrict entrance policy for your group by checking "Enter by invite" option in the "Create group" pop-up dialogue. The maximum number of users in a private group is 8.

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In the main OsMo menu, there is 'Share my position' option. It shows whether or not you send your location to the server. If you do not send your location, you are in a stealth mode: no one can see your location while you can still see all available locations.

Below that, the groups of devices are displayed. Every line in a group displays a device and the direction to it, distance to it, and the last location update time. Tapping on any line invokes that device's context menu.

In order to join a group, use the "Connect to" dialogue. If you receive a link to join a group, just tap it and OsmAnd will perform the respective action automatically. If this fails, you can still join a group manually by clicking "Connect To" and entering the alphabetic code on the OsMo screen.

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Please note that this creates a permanent connection. In order to reset it, you need to perform "Regenerate Tracker Id" in the settings and all your listeners will be removed.

To track a user or device on the map, you can tap it on the OsMo screen. You can also set a device as "Target" in the context menu after you see it on the map. The target will stay in the center of your screen (the map will move accordingly). You can also set the device you're watching as a destination by pressing the navigation button in the device's context menu.