Installing OsmAnd


In case of certain issues, you might want to reinstall the application. It is easy. First of all, you have to backup your files. To do that, go to your OsmAnd folder on your device and copy the files. Or you can export them. To do so, go to Favorites list and press the Share button. Send your favorites to an email, use Dropbox or any app you use. You'll be able to import files later.

Go to your device's Settings application, choose Apps - OsmAnd - Uninstall. When you need to reinstall the app, just go to your Play Market application, find OsmAnd using the search and install it. You won't have to pay again if you were using the OsmAnd+ version previously.


To reinstall the app, just make a long tap on its icon and press the cross. Then go to iTunes and install it again. If it does not solve the issue, please contact us

If you delete OsmAnd, all your favorites and trips will be deleted, so you have to back them up manually. Use your iCloud or iTunes applications for that, but please be aware that you can control the things being saved. Not only your OsmAnd data but the data used by other applications may be backed up. To make the backup, please go to Settings - iCluod - Storage - Manage storage, tap the name of your device, then find Backup options and make sure OsmAnd backup is turned on. You can also delete the apps you do not need to backup here. The backup is done. Please read more here.


If you have an error "-25/-26/-27" while installing the application, please try the steps described below or contact support. The issue you are experiencing is now a confirmed Xiaomi MIUI's integrated antivirus fault. To avoid error "-25/-26/-27", you need to freeze the "Guard Provider" process before updating OsmAnd. Then, once updated, you can re-enable the process. There are many ways and tools to freeze a process. We suggest you to google it yourself, although some of our users used 3C Toolbox or App Master, but we leave this to your preference.

To freeze a process, follow these steps: go to App Manager - Apps tab - filter by System Apps - select the "Guard Provider" - tap the Manage button (bottom right, four little squares) - Freeze. To unfreeze, repeat the same procedure. Unfortunately "App Master" does not do freeze in the OsmAnd Free version. 3C Toolbox does the trick, but you will find the "Guard Provider" process as "com.securitycore.miui_t" under "Apps" with the filter on "System".

If you have an issue not described here, please check the "Purchase and Setup" section of our FAQ first and if that doesn't solve your issue please contact our support and please mention your phone's model, current android version, app version and the issue itself.