Trip recording

OsmAnd Trip recording plugin is an essential tool for runners, sportsmen and tourists. It allows you to record your movement using your phone's GPS (and through other networks optionally). If you are going for a run, need to see your entire route after a walk around the city or measure the distance you covered, the plugin will help you.

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How to use it


You have to enter the Plugins menu, then select Trip recording and tap Enable. That's pretty much it. To start recording, you need to tap on the GPX widget in the upper-right corner of the map screen. Also, you can choose the logging interval which determines the time between recording moments in your track. The plugin is working now. You can start your trip and see the distance you've walked in the specific widget on the right. To view your track during recording, please tap 'Show on map'.

There's also an opportunity to add new waypoints to the track manually. Just tap on the location on map, choose Add GPX waypoint, name it the way you want. Then go to My places-> My tracks or to My Tracks dashboard menu and hit the save button. Your waypoint is added to the most recent track automatically.

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You can easily pick the color and thickness of your GPX line. To do that, please go to Configure map-> GPX track-> Appearance. You can add as many tracks as you need to the map by checking them in Configure map-> 'GPX track' menu.

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Please see full video guide below:


To get the plugin, just go to Maps & Resources - Plugins - Trip recording. Then tap the checkbox next to it. That's it. Just tap the widget on the map screen to start recording, set the recording interval and start your trip. When done, just tap the widget again. You can also start a new segment or view track info in the same menu.

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How to view GPX tracks


You can view your GPX tracks in OsmAnd or in other software. Also, the track itself can be created by you or imported from an external source. For instance, from, your local hiking forum or any other place.

The simplest way to view a track you've downloaded is to tap on it in your device's file manager and choose to open it in OsmAnd. After that, you'll see the track in My places-> My tracks or in the Dashboard-> My tracks. To view it the next time, just enter 'My tracks' tap 'Show on map' on those you'd like to see. You can read more about details of the recorded GPX routes here

To view it in Google Earth, go to File > Open > file type GPS (*.gpx, . . .) Navigate to your track and open.

View OsmAnd GPX tracks in Garmin software

Because OsmAnd GPX format differs from the Garmin one, you will need to convert your OsmAnd track into the Garmin format.

Download and install GPSBabel from

To be safe, make a copy of the GPX file to work with.

Open GPSBabel and use the following settings:

  • Input format: "GPX XML"
  • Source file: Copied file as discussed above
  • Output format: "Garmin MapSource - gdb"
  • Output file same name as input file (i.e. overwrite source - Answer Yes when prompted to over-write)
  • Run GPSBabel ("Apply" button). If the translation has worked the log screen will say "Translation successful"

Open the converted file in Garmin software (!MapSource, !BaseCamp) in your usual way.

View (and edit/convert) OsmAnd GPX tracks in RouteConverter

Download RouteConverter from

RouteConverter can edit and convert GPX tracks and tracks from many other formats. It can be used to create a route and save that as a GPX track, as well.

You can also save your every navigation trip as a GPX track automatically. To do that, go to Plugins-> Trip recording-> Settings and choose 'Auto-record track during navigation'. After you do that, your every navigation trip will be saved as a GPX track in the tracks folder.

Take OsmAnd Trip recording plugin with you on your trip to make an informative track.

CAUTION Recording a track impacts the battery life: even if the screen is off, it continues to run. Check it using the notification that OsmAnd is running in the background in your status bar.

Increasing battery life

Hint: Before putting the device to sleep mode on a long hike, press the home button so the OsmAnd app goes to the background. If OsmAnd remains in the foreground and the device is often turned on even briefly (maybe even accidentally, like by shifting in your pocket or backpack), then GPS would be activated each time with very noticeable impact on your battery life. In remote areas with bad or no cell reception, you can also set the device to "Flight mode" (but with GPS on) to save the battery by preventing the cell phone using high transmission power to look for transmission towers. You can get good 20 hours of recording GPX tracks on hikes with the above parameters.

GPX split interval (Android)

Split your GPX tracks into intervals by distance (20 m - 10 km) or by time (15 seconds - 60 minutes) to view the details of each interval. View the ascent and descent of each part of your track, the maximum and average speed, as well as moving time.

Online tracking (Android)


Use our OsmAnd online GPS Tracker. Our application is multifunctional, it works including in the zone of unstable Internet connection. All you need is to have a Telegram account, additionally install the OsmAnd online GPS Tracker and now you can watch the movement of each member of your group, and they will be able to see you on the map in real time. More information: what it is and how to use it, read here.

Save navigation routes as GPX tracks


You can save your navigation route as a GPX track. It will be done automatically every time you use navigation. Just go to Plugins-> Trip recording-> Settings. Choose 'Auto-record track during navigation'. You'll see your tracks in 'My tracks' section and in your osmand/tracks folder. GPX file will be keep all information about traffic lanes and complete turn instructions.

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On iOS devices the way to save track as GPX is a bit different from one on Android. Having recent iOS versions with Files app, you can export GPX directly on device with "Save to Files" option in "Export" menu. To export any legacy trip track from your iOS OsmAnd application, choose My Places from side menu, select Trips tab, switch from "Active" to "All trips", tap on a trip you want to export. Tap "three dots button" on top of the screen and choose Export.

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Troubleshoot trip recording (Android)

Missing points/segments

Sometimes when you record you seem to miss points/segments, like in the screenshot below (blue arrows).

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The most common reason for this is the "Minimum Accuracy" in the Trip Recording settings (see below).
It is very tempting to set the "Minimum Accuracy" to someting like 5 or 10 meter, but if your have your phone in the pocket of your trousers or blouse, the accuracy is often > 5 meter, so choosing an accuracy of >10 meter is better. Otherwise the points will not be recorded. The accuracy is the "68% chance that the coordinate falls within the circle with radius x meters.

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Only a small part of the route is recorded

The most possible reason for this is "Battery Optimisation". On your phone go to Settings-> Battery. Select the triple-dot menu in the top right and choose "Battery Optimisation". OsmAnd should not be optimised. If it is optimised it can be stopped/paused by Android.

Note: Switching battery optimisation off can/will shorten battery life.

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