OsmAnd Development plugin (Anroid vesion only)


OsmAnd development plugin is only necessary for developers and experienced users. It allows you to simulate navigation routes, check screen rendering performance, etc.

At first, you should go to the plugins menu, then choose OsmAnd development and tap Enable.

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You can set which functions of the plugin you need. To do this, please go to Plugins-> OsmAnd development and select Settings.

There, you'll have the choice to turn on the display of rendering information in a popup screen every time the map is being rendered, several navigation options, you'll also be able to test voice prompts.

This settings menu has several sections:

  • Use OpenGl rendering: use hardware accelerated OpenGL rendering
  • Safe mode: run the app in safe mode


  • Disable complex routing: to disable two-phase routing for car navigation
  • Smart route recalculation: for long trips, only recalculate the initial part of the route
  • OsmAnd Live navigation: to enable navigation for OsmAnd Live changes
  • OsmAnd Live public transport: to enable public transport for OsmAnd Live changes
  • Simulate your position: to simulate your position using a recorded GPX track

    OsmAnd development

  • Rendering debug info: displays the rendering perfomance
  • Simulate first app start: sets the flag indicating first app startup, keeps all other settings unchanged
  • Show free version banner: displays the free version banner even in the paid version
  • Test voice prompts: selects a voice and tests it by playing announcements
  • Logcat buffer: checks and shares detailed logs of the application


  • Allocated memory
  • Total native memory
  • A-GPS info
  • Day/night info
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Route simulation

If you need to check how the routes are built, how voice guidance works, etc., you need to go to the dashboard, find Simulate your position card and tap Start simulation. You'll be able to either build a new route by selecting Simulate using calculated route or use a GPX track for that.

To simulate a navigation route, you'll need to calculate a route first and then tap on Options-> Simulate navigation on your navigation screen. After that press Start to simulate your navigation.

If you select the GPX route option, you'll be able to pick a track to follow.