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Android 4.4 (March 2023)

OsmAnd produces multiple Ready-To-Use builds every day, allowing you to track new features and participate in the OsmAnd contributions (translation process).

Join Betaโ€‹

You can participate in testing the OsmAnd beta build through Google Play.

What's newโ€‹

Tracks menuโ€‹

The "Tracks" menu has a new design and a simpler UX. It's easy to choose the needed track to display it on the map, change appearance (โ‹ฎ more than one track) or import (โ‹ฎ):

OsmAnd menu โ†’ Configure map โ†’ Tracks


Localized POI namesโ€‹

Added localized POI names for Map context menu. Tap the POI name to open the full list of names.

POI namesPOI names

You can generate and send a link after creating a route in OsmAnd app.

Navigation context menu โ†’ Details โ†’ Share button


Route link for example:

Map orientationโ€‹

Added a new fixed mode for Map orientation:

  • Manually rotated (fixed).
map orientation

Display positionโ€‹

Added the new settings for "Display position":

Menu โ†’ Configure profile โ†’ General settingsโ†’ Display position

You can choose three options to display your location on the screen map here:

  • Center: use the center position of the screen for the cursor ("My location").
  • Bottom: use the bottom screen position for the cursor ("My location").
  • Automatic: at the bottom for the direction of movement, in the center for everyone else.

Simplified Start screenโ€‹

We changed the structure of the Start screen. It is now available to open OsmAnd Cloud.

start screen

Slope/Speed graphโ€‹

Added Slope/Speed mode for Analyze track on the map.


Nautical miles and feetโ€‹

Added "Nautical miles/feet" for Units & formats.

App language for Android 13โ€‹

Added support for OsmAnd language preferences (Android 13):

App info (OsmAnd) โ†’ App languages

Downloand Overlay/Underlay mapsโ€‹

Added possibility to download online tiles used as "Overlay" or "Underlay" maps:

Map Context menu โ†’ Actions โ†’ Download map

Download/update tiles menu will be opened.

Imperial measurementโ€‹

Added support of imperial measurement units for "Vehicle parameters".

Open Menu โ†’ Settings โ†’ Profile โ†’ General settings โ†’ Driving region โ†’ USA

Now, you can choose inches for Vehicle parameters: Menu โ†’ Settings โ†’ Profile โ†’ General settings โ†’ Navigation settings โ†’ Vehicle parameters

Moped profile.โ€‹

Added new profile - Moped. It use a "moped" routing profile, have a bicycle as a parent, and be disabled by default.

Moped profile

Redesign Simulate locationโ€‹

We redesigned "Simulate your position" by adding a new screen with settings.

simulate your location

Bugs fixsโ€‹

Android Autoโ€‹

  • The issue: "Movement direction map orientation is flipped and jiggles".
  • The split-screen issue.
  • Fixed crash with GPX selection.
  • The issue with the Navigation info panel.
  • Added support Android Auto map mode: Day, Night, Automatic.

Vegan places POIsโ€‹

Fixed the issue: "Most vegan places don't show".

Map gesturesโ€‹

Fixed map gestures for tilt, zoom and rotation:

Australian roads shieldsโ€‹

Fixed Australian roads shields.