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· 6 min read

Happy New 2022 Year!

At the end of each year, we sum up the results of the passing year and write our plans for the next one. This tradition started 5 years ago and we continue doing it each year. Sometimes our ambitions are not nearly completed, sometimes we overshoot the plan.

· 4 min read

Great news for Android users! OsmAnd 4.1 is here! Here are some of the most important updates. Update your OsmAnd, check out all the new features and let us know if you like everything!


This release of OsmAnd 4.1 is not available for Android below 6.0.

OsmAnd Androie 4.1

· 4 min read

Most of the time a biker for us is a heavy man with a beard in an old leather jacket on his freshly polished Harley, and that is a bit stereotypical. Now, our today’s guest is, indeed, a biker. However, this time the image is a bit different. Today we will chat with Jessica, who is as far from a “heavy man with a beard” as a strong confident woman on a motorbike can be!

“I love to travel with my bike Kawasaki Z570R. I have done a lot of trips to see the beauty of Italian landscapes, people, and traditions; to taste the delicious foods. Sometimes, you just pick up a backpack and go … no matter where!”

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